International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

Our experience is invaluable in ensuring that ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) for yachts is interpreted correctly and applied to the superyacht’s Ship Security Plan (SSP) in a user-friendly and efficient manner that works on board .

Our ISPS service for superyachts consists of two stages:

  1. The development of the systems including on board set up
  2. The subsequent ongoing supervisory and support functions once the systems are in place.

The yacht’s SSP will be developed in conjunction with the Captain and crew, taking into account all relevant international and national legislation and will form part of the overall ship security system.  

Set-up and Services

In addition to our pragmatic and experienced approach to ISPS Code implementation on board large yachts, we provide the following:

  • Review proposed security arrangements and advice as required
  • Ship’s Security Assessment including On Scene Survey
  • Provision of Ship Security Officer Course, ashore and on board
  • Developing yacht specific security Contingency Plans (CPs)
  • Ship’s Security Plan (SSP) preparation, submission and approval from Flag State
  • implementing the SSP on board and briefing to crew on the system
  • Liaison with Flag State for ISPS Pre-Verification and the award of the Interim International ShipSecurity Certificate (ISSC)
  • Attend Pre-Verification
  • Conduct initial Internal Audit, produce Audit Report and monitor corrective action
  • Liaison with Flag State for initial External Audit and the award of the Full Term ISSC
  • Attend Flag State initial External Audit
  • The provision of a Company Security Officer (CSO)
  • Emergency Response Team (24-hour crisis support)
  • Consultancy Services during the yacht’s build


The Support4yachts web application provides users with the ability to manage all ISPS requirements in a structured, paperless and auditable way online and offline. Alternatively Support4yachts can supply the SSP as a editable pdf.